Friday, February 2, 2007

like clockwork

In most other cities, posted bus schedules are merely an indicator or guideline (give or take, 5, 15, or even 30 minutes) as to when a bus might come by. In some places, schedules don't even exist, and you just stand there hoping that your bus or train will show up at some point in the near future. Here, the tram and bus shedules are exact. If it says that the tram will be there at 17:47, 98% of the time the tram will pull up to your stop at precisely 17:47. I was once asked by a fellow passenger at a tram stop if I knew whether something was wrong with the trams, or whether any schedule changes had been announced, because the tram was already running one minute late! I didn't know of anything. And of course, the tram showed up a few seconds later.
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macky said...

Hello from Tokyo, Japan

Very nice and informative blog! About the punctuality, it is the same as Tokyo's metro.

Have a nice day.

Jazzy said...

welcome to DP family, looking forward to see more of your world.