Thursday, April 5, 2007

killing time

Here's another shot from Flughafen Zürich. Apart from waiting in long lines, this is probably how most people spend their time at airports: sitting around, having some coffee, sitting around, catching up on work, sitting around, reading, sitting around, fiddling with their 'crackberries' (woman on top right), sitting around, talking on their cellphones, sitting around...
What do you do to kill time in airports?


M.Benaut said...

If a picture tells a thousand words, then, this one tells 4000.
You can almost tell what they are thinking. Nice shot, Ainz.

lynn said...

Such a long time since i was anywhere near an airport but here's how it went:

Visit perfumerie and exit smelling like a tart's parlour.

Buy French & Spanish mags and devour those.

Write journal/short story observing people around me.

Send a couple of very silly postcards.

Love the unusual perspective of this photo!

richard said...

No no no.. you take photographs, of course!

@lynn, if you haven't been to an airport recently, I've written a wee piece on my other blog which might amuse you -

Gail's Man said...

Look at all the stuff in the duty free, watch people, planes etc. Photography's banned in some airports I've been to.

Z said...

This time around, I spent my time fuming at the indignity of having to take my shoes off (thank goodness I wore my socks without holes!), getting frisked, you know, that stuff. :-)