Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sechseläuten Saturday

These two were on their way to a formal ball held on Sechseläuten Saturday for the parade participants and guild members. More pictures of participants in traditional costumes here.

Each year during Sechseläuten, Zürich invites one of the other cantons to be a special guest. Tents are set up at the Lindenhof, where representatives from the guest canton perform traditional music and dance. This year's guest canton is Zug (which in German means 'train').

Pictured here is the Böög, who will meet his explosive fate on Monday evening, welcoming a representative from the Canton of Zug, holding the canton's shield. Note that in the poster, Sechseläuten has been spelled phonetically in Swiss German, which for me is hopelessly unpronounceable.

(Not exactly Sunday graffiti, but I'll make up for it some other day...)


Dsole said...

I find your first photo really amusing!

richard said...

Its obvious Z - it's pronounced Sächsilööte! Nice informative commentary btw. I took the easy route... childrens parade today was very sunny obviously - did you go?

richard said...

woooops, I guess Z doesn't need Züri Dütch, Ainz

Z said...

Z here, to defend herself. Actually, no, since I'm not offended. I can see how AinZ and Z (in V?) both in CH can get a little confusing.

Is it just me, or do you also find the Zug statue a wee bit, ahem, unusual? We were in Zug a couple of weeks ago, and I was shocked *shocked* I tell you! to see the fountain decor. :-)

Okay, I think I might have had too much sun. Not used to this lack of cloud or Nebel cover.

P. S. the word verification doodad can be a real pain at times.

AinZ said...

dsole, thanks for your visit.

Richard, no worries about the confusion. Z-should really change her name to ZinV to really get people...As you've already seen, I did go to the Children's Parade, but didn't stick around very long because it was hot, and wandered down to the lake instead.

Z- I've never been to Zug, but have seen pictures of the statue/fountain (which I now realize is in the shake hands poster). I haven't noticed anything too shocking yet--am I missing something???

Ming_the_Merciless said...

I like the poster a lot. It is cute and yet totally makes sense.