Wednesday, April 18, 2007


These flowering trees are blooming all over Zürich these days. There is even one right outside my living room window. I took this picture in the early evening as the sun was setting.


Kate said...

Spring, buds and blossoms go well together, don't theyAAA??

Z said...

Hm, not so many of those trees over in my neck of the woods. The pink makes a nice contrast against that crisp blue sky we had until today.

Elena said...

I found your site because i need somebody living in Zurich.
I participate in a contest - not for money, just for fun. And i've got 10 questions about 10 different places in the world. And one of them is about Zurich.

It is the following:

Going from Central square by Neumuhle-Quai (quay) in the crossroad with Jm Stadtgraben, near the house number 6, there is a signpost. It has names of 3 hotels. Can you make a photo of this? Especially i need the second word in the name of the second hotel.

I tried to find photo of this signpost in Internet, but unfortunately i didn't succeed. I hope that you'll help me :)

Thank you in advance!

AinZ said...

elena--He he, a virtual scavenger hunt--how fun! I know where Neumuhle quai is and can probably wander over this evening after work to find the street sign.

Elena said...

ainz - thank you!