Sunday, April 22, 2007


I found this stencil along the Limmat River. Though a completely different type of graffiti from the one spotted by Dsoole in Madrid last week (Sunday April 15), it expresses a similar sentiment...Love the wordplay.
added 04/26/2007 for your entertainment: "The Complete Bushisms"


Anonymous said...

To me it looks like George W. Bush. Most Americans would applaud the sentiment but I am not able to find anybody who will admit that they voted for him, sometimes twice.

I have other words for him but I cannot put them here.

Abraham Lincoln
Brookville Daily Photo

edwin s said...

yeah, it does look a bit like george w.bush with a cap. hence freeDumb :)

I love stencil graffiti.

AinZ said...

yes, it's definitely supposed to be George W!

Dsole said...

cool, ainz!
I think we could make a theme day agains bush but this may not be very nice political behaviour... ;)