Sunday, March 4, 2007

meta graffiti

Last weekend I wandered down to the Rote Fabrik to take some more pictures of graffiti. Originally a silk mill by the lake, the Rote Fabrik was owned by the City of Zurich but had been abandoned and was eventually taken over by anti-establishment artists and activists during the 80's. The group organized as a legal body to run an arts collective, and applied for art subsidies. The subsidies were granted by the city, and the Rote Fabrik now houses art, music, dance, and theatre studios, exhibition space, a concert venue, as well as a lakeside cafe/restaurant. This alternative cultural center also offers a number of workshops in the visual and performing arts, and stages avant-garde theatre and dance performances. The Rote Fabrik is one of the few locations in Zurich where graffiti is tolerated--or perhaps encouraged is more accurate in this case.

I have plenty more graffiti pics from the Rote Fabrik, but I'll try to mix it up and post graffiti from other places as well.


Dsole said...

this is great, what a lively graffiti! Love it!

M.Benaut said...

I agree, Zurich seems such a clean and neat city, it's good to see youth, enthusiasm and artistic pursuits at a venue such as this.

kris said...

yes, so lively that i mistaken it for real human! do show more, i enjoy graffiti!

AinZ said...

dsole - thanks for stopping by. I think you always comment on the graffiti pics!

kris - I was almost fooled myself--and I was there in person! I'll keep posting graffiti as long as I can find interesting pieces. keep checking back on Sundays.

m.benaut - yes, I like it too. I guess every city has a subculture. I like the contrast between the quaint cobblestoned Old Town, and the modern, trendy parts. But most visitors only see the quaint side of Zurich -- so I'll try to show some of the other parts as well.