Wednesday, March 21, 2007

yay! more snow!

It snowed overnight again! For those of us who were disappointed by the mild winter and the less than ideal ski conditions this season, this late winter blast is pretty exciting. Perhaps we can squeeze in a another ski weekend or two.

So, in honor of the snow, here's another snow picture. This path leads to a church that's less than 100 meters from my house. Yes, it's pretty, but the 20 minute cacophony of church bells at around 9:30 am on weekends wakes me up when I'm trying to sleep in. There is another 20 minute churchbell extravaganza at around 7:00 pm every evening, but thankfully I'm usually not home for that. Church bells also go off every 15 minutes, around the clock, to mark the quarter hour. Plus, every hour, on the hour, there is a series of DONGs corresponding to to the time. So every night at midnight, I'm 'blessed' with the sound of 4 DINGs followed by 12 louder DONGs...


angela said...

We got the same batch of cold weather but at least it didn't snow here.
Those trees are so delicate looking with the snow on their branches.
Good luck with the skiing.

Z said...

Funny, you would think that in the village (where we are) one would hear lots of church bells. Well, we don't hear *any*.

While the snow is nice, as I mentioned on my blog, I'm worried about the plants and the sub-zero temperatures.

Mme Benaut said...

Ainz, this is such a gorgeous scene but I can understand your annoyance with all of the dings and dongs. A bit like the cuckoo clock - must drive you absolutely crazy.