Wednesday, October 17, 2007

flughafen again

Apologies, apologies, apologies. Once again I was traveling with no access to a computer. Been traveling alot lately, which is one of the advantages of living in the center of Europe. So here's yet another shot of Zürich's photogenic airport, which is always nice to come back to after spending some time in a large chaotic city (well, chaotic in comparison to Zürich) where you can't understand the language, or even read the street signs.


Jazzy said...

the airport is really a state of art, and your photos do great justice to it.
Hey, surprise! I've tagged you and now you're it! Please visit my Wednesday post to see what to do.

photolicious said...

Welcome back! I've been missing your photos of Zurich. For a while, I thought you gave up on this blog!

Zurich is a wonderful place I believe but I'll be going to Lucerne as part of Europe vacation this November. Any great ideas where to see the best of things? :) Forthmedia (Zurich blog) has given me some great suggestions.

The Strange Republic

elsa said...

Willkommen! Ich ferue mich über Ihre Rückkehr! :-)