Thursday, October 4, 2007

matchy matchy II

It's waaay cuter when little kids wear matching outfits than when the adults do it.

Did your parents dress you and your siblings in matching outfits when you were small?


photolicious said...

Hello from Singapore,

Is Zurich the French speaking or German speaking part of Switzerland?

As for the subject on clothes, no, I don't wear clothes that are passed down. Mostly, I get new clothes because I'm rather choosy!

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pusa said...

oh yeah, they really are cute... and yes my parents were guilty of this =)

Anonymous said...

I like those dresses on those little girls. The little one has a good grip on big sister. Nice shot. Very comforting picture.

Kate said...

The red frocks are eye-catching--charming photo. No, I nor my husband would wear matching outfits. DH would run screaming from the room if I suggested it. But, hey, if it makes people happy, I say "go for it." There's too much misery in the world so a little cheer is always welcomed.

Mike said...

Ah. Cute!!