Saturday, August 25, 2007


Saturday I participated in what is supposed to be an annual swim down the Limmat River. The event was cancelled the last two years due to cold water temperatures, rain, and rough currents. This year we finally lucked out with the weather and we had beautiful 26C degree temparatures and plenty of sunshine. However, the usual 2km route was cut short because of some construction further downstream, and this year the swim started at the Frauenbadi, down 1,330 m, under 6 bridges, past the Hauptbahnhof (Zürich's main train station) and ending at the Landesmuseum (usually it goes to the Oberer Letten, further down). Most people don't actually swim, an instead hold on to a floatation device provided by the event organizers, and simply let the current carry them down. Some people, like the guys above, bring their own dinghies. It's really fun and relaxing to float, swim, and play around in parts of the river that are usually closed to swimmers. However, after about 25 minutes in chilly 22C water, people start to get cold. So at the end, participants are treated to some hot tea, bratwurst and Rivella (Swiss soft drink).

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