Monday, June 11, 2007

look familiar?

You may remember this car from a previous post. Apparently it is on loan from the antique shop where it usually resides, and is being used as part of a display for a jewelry store on ritzy Banhofstrasse (Zürich's own version of 5th Avenue). The price tag on the car: 12,500 francs (approx $10,100). The jewelry in the display is comparably priced: 11,200 francs (approx. $9,000) for the orange necklace in the foreground. So, would you rather spend your money on a) an antique pedal car, b) jewelry, or c) none of the above? If you had 12,500 francs to spend on whatever you want, what would you buy?


Fénix (Bostonscapes DP) said...

I'd spend all of it on travel! Let's see... A trans Canada train trip in late spring or early summer. Or a journey around Central and South America, starting from the northeast coast of Mexico, all the way down to Argentina's Tierra del Fuego and back up through Chile, Peru, etc. Or a car trip around Europe, from Portugal all the way to Russia. :)

jules said...

A very cool car!. With that kind of money I would buy my fantasy camera with all the gadgets that go with it. Then I'd take a trip somewhere, say Zurich, and make my way around town shooting photos.

M.Benaut said...

I remember this car very well and to a collector, the price may be well worth it. However, I would love to spend the money on a European voyage of discovery, naturally starting in Zurich of course!