Friday, June 29, 2007

bauschänzli grill

The other day I had lunch at the Bauschänzli, a popular beer garden/restaurant that sits on a peninsula on the left bank of the Limmat, where the lake meets the river. As I waited for my bratwurst (sausage), I snapped a picture of the guy manning the grill.
The Bauschänzli used to be part of the city's seventeenth century fortifications protecting Zürich against attack from the lake. After most of the city walls were torn down, it was converted into a public park, and then a beer garden. During Christmas season, the Bauschänzli is also home to an acrobatic circus.


Ming_the_Merciless said...

The white sausage looks interesting and the orange one looks delicious. Now I'm hungry.

guild_rez said...

makes me hungry too..
Die Weisswurst esse ich am liebsten mit süssem Senf oder ist die auf dem Bild gar keine Weiss-wurst:-))
cheers from Canada

AinZ said...

ming-- the white one is bratwurst and is made from veal, and the 'orange' one (actually pink, but color looks different because we were under a tent) is called cervelat and is made from pork