Wednesday, May 23, 2007

lunchtime stroll

I thought I'd try to be all artsy, and was just about to take a picture of these brightly colored table and chairs, well-- just because they're brightly colored, when this gentleman on his after-lunch stroll unwittingly walked right into my shot. I then decided it was a much more interesting picture with him in it.


Anonymous said...

It is an interesting scene and the red chairs are props. The man in the middle, so to speak, is a dead ringer for that Soviet Premier -- with the bald head.

Nice shot.

My second episode shows the robin with her head down the baby robin's throat. It was posted this morning.

richard said...

It is more interesting - those chairs are always there anyway, although they used to be green I think. It would have been even better/funnier if he'd tried to sit on one

lv2scpbk said...

It looks too hot outside for that suit but maybe not.

Moi said...

Lucky u!!!! :) i liked the bright red chairs too ..will brighten up anyone's day....:)