Thursday, May 3, 2007

bleeding hearts

I found these heart-shaped flowers on my street. Because I grew up in a concrete jungle, in a different climate, I had never seen them before and was intrigued. My 10-second google research revealed that they're called 'bleeding hearts,' which to me sounds hopelessly romantic and depressing at the same time. Whoever named these must have been seriously love-struck at the time. To see more of these little pink hearts hanging in neat little rows, go here.


isabella said...

Pink perfection!

Leena said...

They are wonderful flowers, but we use them very much on the graves just
because they are like broken hearts.
the beautiful photograph.

Z said...

Pretty in pink ... just looking at the flowers and based on their shape, I think bleeding heart is a very apt name.

Nathalie said...

Now how can you do a google search when you don't have the flower's name but just a photo of it????
I'd love to know!


AinZ said...

nathalie--I just typed in 'heart shaped flower' and found sites that had pictures of the same type of flower, so I was able to identify it.

Carol E. said...

Beautiful shot.