Monday, September 10, 2007

lokal latin musik

Went to El Lokal, to see a friend, Juan Carlos Zeta, perform all sorts of sons, rumbas, boleros, cumbias and other Latin American standards. He'll be performing there every Monday for the rest of the month of September. El Lokal is one of Zürich's more laid back and welcoming bars (as opposed to some of the other snooty, shi-shi places around town). With pictures of Che Guevara, Frida Kahlo, Maradona with his Che tatoo, and a Mexican Day of the Dead skeleton adorning the walls and ceiling, it has some sort of "Latin American/revolutionary" theme going on, in addition to some really nice outdoor seating along the along the Sihl River.

Two more pictures here.

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Z said...

Hey AinZ, yes, I am going to mention the nasty campaign posters. I'd like to set some background material first, mostly for me and my archives.