Wednesday, September 5, 2007

shiny happy aluminum people

You may be wondering what these space agey looking people are doing walking down the street in the Old Town. Well, apparently the street where my office is located is a really popular spot for shooting movies and commercials because today, for the second time in about three weeks, the street was partly shut down for another film crew. This time it appears that they were filming a public service announcement encouraging aluminum recycling. At one point, these shiny people were stuffed into the back of a truck marked "100% aluminum recycling" that was parked right below one of our windows. Suddenly they would jump out shouting "recycling! recycling! recycling!" They must have shot at least 20 takes of this little scene, so after hearing "recycling" at least 60 times over the course of the afternoon, I don't think we'll ever forget to recycle aluminum cans.

A few more pictures of the shoot here.

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